Kind words and thoughts from a few clients:

“Laura’s approach to cooking is so refreshing. She has complete ease in the kitchen and doesn’t stress over the details — which makes cooking a blast. Her recipes are also extremely practical and useful for any situation! I’ve made her vegetable platter with aioli more times than I can count.” – Clarissa W.

“Laura has given me the willpower to be in the kitchen by myself and also be willing to help parents make simple things” -Joanna B.

“Laura is the best! Great cook and great teacher. Our daughter Joanna has learned so much!” – Gary B.

“Laura is the real deal!    We experienced the great pleasure of having her cook for our family.  It is a memory that will not soon fade away.   Like the complete artist that she is, her food not only tastes great but it also looks fabulous.   Laura’s desire to use local foods adds freshness and quality to her menus.    Finally, Laura is a wonderful person, and serves her food with joy and a desire to please even the most discriminating palates”- Bill B.

“I hired Laura to cater a small party at my house.  Her level of dedication and preparation was above and beyond what I was expecting.  She spent about 10-12 hours that day in total for the party.  She came over before the party to set up and prep — presentation was beautiful and a welcome extra touch.  She uses only high quality organic ingredients in every dish, from grass-fed beef to grass-fed cheese, and everything is made from scratch.   Needless to say, everyone at the party raved about the food, and I was snacking on the leftovers all day everyday until it was gone!  Laura is so enthusiastic about cooking good food and goes the extra mile every time.” – Cindy L.

“Real talk, Laura is both a total sweetheart and a boss in the kitchen.” – Jamie F.



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