Services, Pricing and How it All Works

I want to explain a bit more about how I’ve arrange my pricing and services to appeal to a variety of budgets and cooking goals. Pricing is now listed at the bottom of my “About” section, but here are a few more details about what that cost includes for you as the client.

How it works:

As the instructor, it is my goal to work within the means of your kitchen, you dietary preferences, and your budget. To help cut the extra cost of food tacked on to the hourly rate, I provide the basics for each lesson, including flour, butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onions, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, honey, sugar, baking powder, and most spices we’ll be using. From my box of basic ingredients, I bring whatever we need in terms of those basics to each lesson, which means that in addition to the hourly fee, you, as the client are only paying for the specific ingredients (meats, fresh veggies, specialty items) that we need for any given lesson.

The cost of these ingredients will vary depending on your dietary preferences and whether or not you prefer to stick to only organics. I do the shopping for the ingredients each week and I shop for what you want. If you have specified that you are vegetarian, and only eat organic veggies, I will go to farmers markets and stores to find the best quality and price. If you are a meat eater and care that your chicken is free range, but not necessarily organic, that’s what I’ll get. And if your main goal is budget, I will find the best quality ingredients I can that fit within your comfort zone. In any given lesson, we will be making 3-5 dishes, and the price of groceries to provide for all of this will range between 25-50 dollars, depending on those factors mentioned above.

So, to break it down: you pay for the groceries we’ll need that I don’t have in my box of basic goodies, but I do all the shopping and show up at your door ready to go. Also, we’ll always make enough food for you (and your family) to eat for at least 3 meals, which makes the investment even more worth while.

About the Series Prices and Discounted rates:

I’ve designed my series to appeal to individuals who want to learn a broader range of cooking knowledge and new recipes while receiving a discount off the hourly rate. I also like working with clients over an extended period of time so I can get to know you and your kitchen. Having the option of a flat rate also means that lessons don’t have to fit within specific time constraints and we will have more time to discuss recipes and experiment with variations! The 3, 6 and 9-week series plans have pre-set menus that showcase the foods that exemplify my cooking philosophy and experience, but can of course be tweaked and tailored to your needs. Series can also be personalized to the client in terms of preferred length of lesson. For example, if a parent wants to sign their 13-year-old up for the 3-week series, but that child doesn’t have time for or perhaps doesn’t want 4-hour lessons, the series can be re-arranged into 4 weeks, 3 hours each lesson, or even 6 weeks, 2 hours each lesson. As long as the lesson hours add up to the total hours of instruction for the series, the price is the same. Savings increase exponentially for the longer series.

Hourly prices work well for those who may want, for example, to schedule just one lesson for 3 friends. I work with up to 3 clients at once and the second two clients can be added for a small fee. These discounts are listed along with the pricing.

Menu Planning Service:

If the private cooking lessons aren’t something you are wanting to invest in at the time, but you still love the idea of learning new recipes, eating more seasonally, and cooking on a budget, I also offer a menu planning service. This doesn’t involve a lesson and can be done either over the phone are in person. I’ll meet with you or just talk with you about your dietary preferences, budget, family size and cooking goals, and create a customized menu with recipes and a shopping list so that you can get cooking without the stress of meal planning.

I hope all this gives a better picture of what my lessons are like and that you find something that appeals to you!


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